Elena Belloni

Elena Belloni was born in Milan and got a degree in “Industrial Design” at the European Institute of Design in Milan and built her passion for conception after an internship in Munich for Audi. She later got more work experience in the world of car design when she worked for Volkswagen’s design centre in Los Angeles.
When she came back to Italy, she started working for her father Alessio Belloni, in his architecture studio which is based in Milan & Dubai, and was occupied with conception and interior design for projects in Italy, France, China, USA or UAE.
During this period, she also starts her experience as a curator in an art gallery in Milan, the “Spazio Solferino”, where she consolidates her interest in arts and culture which will become the principal sources of inspiration for Elena.
These skills learned since the start of her career and especially the care of textiles and leather in minute details bring her to reflect on another great passion of her’s: bags.
She therefore decides to bring her dream to reality by creating her own company and by designing a collection of high level, made in Italy bags.


Beatrice De Silva

Beatrice De Silva was born in Milan and got a degree in “Fashion Styling” at the Marangoni Institute of Milan and starts her career in Cacharel’s showroom.
Her passion for the world of mode and fashion makes her encounter the universe of tailor made and haute couture, as a personal assistant for the stylist Marta Ferri first, and as textile designer for Alcantara afterwards.
Her experience at Alcantara brings her in a world of materials and colours, a creative research that satisfies her personal curiosity already nourished during her youth where she grew up in a world of design. As the daughter of car designer Walter De Silva, she has always been enchanted buy the production and conception behind a project. Since she was a child, Beatrice has been attracted by the world of art and fashion which are her sources of inspiration, she also learned to love Italian design and respect for proportions directly from her family. Bringing together her skills and the secrets learned during her
career, she founded her own company to satisfy her personal passion. The one linked to accessories and to design high level, made in Italy bags.